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Information Security Management Program (ISMP)


We build your security program on either of these frameworks:


We Build Your Security Program

Are you a small or mid-size company with no cyber security personnel but looking to achieve ISO-27001 certification? Our team will help you get there from start to finish. We will assess your environment, recommend both administrative, technical, and physical controls. We will work with you in developing all your policies, procedures, and guidelines. We will schedule both internal and certification audits, and we’ll represent you in those audits. Speed up the sales process.

We Conduct A Gap Analysis

To be ISO-27001 certified is one thing, and to be truly secure is another. Most of your customers understand that, and they’ll ask for more. Our consultants will conduct a gap analysis of your entire security program. The goal here is to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability are achieved with the maturity level commensurate with your risk appetite. An essential part of what we do is to recommend technologies and procedures necessary to achieve an ideal maturity level.

We Represent You In All Audits

With the alarming number of data breaches, and the fast adoption of cloud technologies, your business partners, and clients (present or future) will no longer consider security questionnaires to be enough. They’ll want to ensure you have a security program built on a security framework modelled for your industry. That could be ISO-27001, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, or I-IITRUST. The only way to demonstrate this is by achieving certification. Our consultants will get you ready, and we’ll fully represent you at these audits.